We do a lot of research, so you don’t have to!

Surprisingly, there are a few options available…

Reproduction fibreglass bodies are being produced in the USA while reproduction steel bodies are being made both in Germany and the Czech Republic. So, it is possible to get your hands on a newly made body tub, but that alas, is where the real problems start.

Both of those commercially available bodies are designed to accept 166 running gear, and that is practically unavailable. As youngsters prefer to say these days: ‘Made from pure unobtanium.’

Compromise – not a thing that purists readily embrace, but given the situation with obtaining a genuine typ 166, it seems the only practical way forward. Once the fact that this is not, and never will be a real 166 has been accepted, the rest comes surprisingly easy.

Front axle drive? Forget it. Having researched the method employed on the originals and explored the possible alternatives, the expense would be too great, and anyway – Amphicars never had it, and owners of genuine Schwimmwagens inform me they only need to engage front axle drive when exiting water in the most extreme conditions.

Schwimmwagen type 166 construction drawings