166 – The number of the beast… well almost!

Schwimmwagen – mention that word to anyone in the vehicle collecting world and it will conjure up a myriad of different views and opinions.

There is however, one universally shared piece of knowledge – they are incredibly expensive!

I guess that is to be expected. Of the fifteen thousand or so type 166’s produced the vast majority were issued to elite SS units. Those units had a reputation for being extremely aggressive and willing to absorb horrific losses. Coupled with the fact that seventy-five per cent were committed to the brutal war of attrition on the Eastern Front, it is hardly surprising that only a tiny fraction survived hostilities – and even less survived until now.

Estimates for the number of original type 166’s that remain today is around the one-hundred-and-fifty mark. Rarity and availability always contribute towards a vehicle’s value, but that is not the only factor with the VW type 166 Schwimmwagen.

They are an exceptional little vehicle, simple to maintain, easy to store, versatile and attractive. A host of other positive features make them one of the most sought after vehicles in the world.

So, what happens if you really want one, but don’t have the £100,000 or so entrance fee to the very exclusive 166 owners club? As with so many other expensive and seemingly unobtainable marques, the only realistic alternative is a replica, this is where we can step in to help…

Our Schwimmwagen Replicas dry run…